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A diverse team of professionals supporting and serving students from all walks of life—on virtually every continent.

At UMGC, our sense of community operates on two levels. As a proud member of the University of Maryland system, we take enormous pride in being one of the state’s leading employers — and a vital source of the educational programs fueling the minds and talent that will drive the state’s economy for decades to come. At the same time, UMGC is a true university without borders: building on the passion, creativity and expertise of employees from every corner of the globe.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mission Statement

At University of Maryland Global Campus, we seek to reflect the diversity of the global community. Cultural differences are recognized, valued, and considered essential to the education process and working environment. We promote understanding and mutual respect of all members of the community and provide an academic and social environment that encourages new ideas, an eagerness to learn, and positive working conditions. Read our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

We prize diversity as a cornerstone of our working culture.

Like our student body, our faculty and staff members represent a diverse spectrum of backgrounds and experience, ranging from the military and academia to public service, technology start ups, global multinationals and everything in between. And like our student body, we know that every day we spend at UMGC is a day we’re actively building a better future.

Maryland Unites Day of Service

UMGC is proud to support the state’s Day of Service program. In this initiative, state employees receive 4 hours of paid leave to perform community service during the summer months, either in pre-arranged “service day” activities in Baltimore or with one of our designated non-profit organizations: the ASPCA, Habitat for Humanity, or Parkdale High School in Prince George’s County. View Our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (link opens in a new window)

UMGC Annual Giving Day

For more than 70 years, University of Maryland Global Campus has let nothing get in the way of helping adults pursue their education. Even during challenging times, together, as a community, we persevere. In consideration of current events, UMGC’s annual Giving Day is dedicated to removing financial barriers to help our students – and their families – in their greatest time of need with the UMGC Student Emergency Fund.

Arts and Diversity Program

University of Maryland Global Campus is committed to celebrating our diverse cultural heritage and community. We bring that commitment to life with our two permanent art collections, our promotion of diversity and human relations, and our educational television programming service for students, faculty, staff, and the general public.

Building on decades of partnership with the U.S. military – as well as the rapidly growing needs of a multinational, multicultural and multilingual student base – we’re creating a workforce that mirrors the world we serve. UMGC Careers. Never Stop Learning.

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